About the author: Liesbeth Horckmans

Liesbeth Horckmans was born in Duffel, Belgium. She graduated as an Environmental Engineer at the University of Leuven, where she also obtained a PhD in Geology. After graduating, she joined an engineering consultancy firm for 3 years before starting at VITO in 2011. AT VITO, Liesbeth works as a researcher in the field of sustainable materials, focusing on the valorization of inorganic mineral waste streams to increase resource efficiency. Liesbeth has coordinated several national and international research projects, including FP7 REFRASORT and H2020 CHROMIC, and has been WP leader and partner in several other H2020 and EIT Raw Materials projects. Since 2016, Liesbeth is the Team leader of the Waste Recycling Technologies team at VITO.